Hero Card Subscription

$25.00 / year for 5 years

Get your subscription to save from now to infinity.



This simple card that fits perfectly in your wallet can easily save you hundreds of dollars across a wide variety of merchants. From restaurants to service provides, the gamut is wide and so are the savings!

You know you want one…

  • You save a TON of money on TONS of stuff
  • It’s easy to use and fits in your wallet like a credit card
  • No more time-sucking coupon hunting
  • Using the card supports local business
  • Your purchase supports local non-profits
  • Did I mention you save a TON of money?
  • The Hero Card quickly pays for itself
  • Re-use the card repeatedly at your favorite businesses
  • Because ‘Merica!
  • It’s only $25!!!
  • Card Valid for 1 Year from Purchase Date and…..
  • Automatically Renewed on Anniversary Date

*Your card will arrive in the mail in 3-5 business days.


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