A Perfect Fundraiser?
Yes, Exactly

Forget candy bars. This is your easiest sell yet.

Okay, Tell Me More…

Here’s the truth – consumers love saving money but are tired of coupon books AND single-use coupons. The Hero Card fits perfectly in your wallet or displays on your phone, so you never forget it at home, and works at businesses all across town.

Keep the FUN in Fundraising! People love to help especially when they get something they can use all year long.

“The Hero Card gets it! I buy the Card every year because it represents exceptional value to me and my family. We intentionally shop at businesses who honor The Hero Card and appreciate the fact that their participation is also helping our community.”

– Carol Mayer

Here’s Why It Works & Two ways to do it

It’s Incredibly Profitable

Organizations like Youth Groups, Cheer Squads and Sports Teams that Actively Market the card earn $12.50 per sale. Non-profits, that utilize our simple and easy Poster Program (placing a poster in their location) earn $10 per card sold.

It’s Residual

For each card that is sold in Year 1 and renewed in Year 2, you earn $8. And if it renews again in Year 3, you receive $6. There’s not another program like this for raising money!

It’s Extremely Easy

It’s all done online and through the App! Simply direct your friends, family, classmates and co-workers to this website, Google Play or the App Store and we’ll handle the rest.

Small Up Front Cost

To participate in an Active Fundraiser we ask for a $50 deposit to cover your promotional materials. If you sell a minimum of 10 Cards, you get the deposit credited back to you along with your earnings.
There is no charge for a Non-profit to participate in the Poster Program.

Easy-As-Pie Selling

The Hero Card costs your buyer only $25 and offers incredible savings at hundreds of businesses. Even a chocoholic would turn down their candybars for the Hero Card.

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