A Perfect Fundraiser?
Yes, Exactly

Forget candy bars and cookie dough. This is your easiest sell yet!

Okay, Tell Me More…

The truth is, people love to help, especially when they receive something of value in return. And, when you fundraise with The Hero Card, you will be helping your friends, family and co-workers get incredible deals on theme parks, restaurants, hotels, entertainment and so much more, all for as little as $25!

This was the easiest fundraiser we have ever done!   We loved not having to handle money and products.  Thank you Hero Card!” – Christy Dill, Head Women’s Basketball Coach, TIVY High School

– Carol Mayer

Here’s Why It Works so Well:

Residual Earnings

Earn profits for 3 years on one fundraiser. 

Great Earning Potential

Discounts start for as little as $25 and you earn $10 per sale.  Sell 200 Discount Packages and earn $2000!

Extremely Easy

All fundraising is done online using our website and The Hero Card App!  Simply handout our fundraising commitment cards and let the discounts do the rest.  This is an example of the Card.  It has the organization logo on the front, and on the back a unique Coupon Code that saves the customer $5 and also tracks the order to the group that made the sell.  

Valuable Savings

With over 300,000 Deals & Discounts you will be offering your Friends & Family something they will love and use all year long.  

Be Unique

No more handling merchandise, cash, or delivering products, plus residual earnings.  There’s simply nothing else like it!

Contact us to start the easiest fundraiser you will ever do!  Reserve your spot today by filling out this simple form, or send us an email if you have further questions.

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